Diễn Viên Vivian Azure

Vivian Azure

Ready to get your pump on and hump on, but most importantly, get wet? These are a few of Vivian Azure's favorite things! This Canadian babe is all about two things: working on her fitness, and showing it off in skimpy bikinis. A stunning brunette in amazing shape, hundreds of squat reps have blessed Vivian with a bubble butt that doesn't quit, and a firm, tight waist that you'll want to plank on. When she isn't sweating through another set in the gym, Vivian loves to lounge at the beach or by the pool: basically anywhere she can wear next to nothing, show off her hard work and amazing curves, and get her tan on! Her big enhanced tits, sleek hair, and tight body give her the air of a woman that knows what she wants, and what she wants is a great body and lots of hard dick!

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