Diễn Viên Sheena Rose

Sheena Rose

Many pornstars have long stories about why they got into the industry, but Sheena Rose is not like many pornstars. This super-horny, tatted-up alt tart is truly one of a kind! She simply got tired of "fucking for free". Porn was a natural progression for the fiery redhead, who very proudly describes herself as "a little ho" even before porn, when she was working as a stock girl at Walgreen's. These days, this hard rock and hip hop-loving badass has become a household name in the industry, very quickly garnering back-to-back "Starlet of the Year" nominations. But Sheena has never been one to waste what she's earned, and has already used her notoriety to advocate for causes like cancer awareness, research, and treatment. So she may have a filthy mouth and a dirty mind, but as nasty as Sheena Rose loves to get, she will always have a heart of gold.

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